Thirteen years ago, when I took a family trip to Ireland, I never dreamed it would lead to me becoming a genealogist, meeting dozens of Irish rellies, writing two fiction book series set in Ireland, and buying a renovated 1887 schoolhouse in my Coffey ancestors’ townland. Being able to combine my passion for writing and genealogy is a dream come true.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland with Mags and Biddy in How to Fake an Irish Wake. There’s sure to be plenty of shenanigans!


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The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw Series

Why run from your troubles when

you can fly instead? --Caity Shaw

“All I can say is read this book. Buy it, borrow it from a friend, from the library - whatever you have to do! If you're having a bad day, this will cheer you up. If you're having a good day, this will be the cherry on top.”

—5 Stars, Lady with a Quill

"Caity’s a breath of fresh air in a congested world!"

—5 Stars, Bibliopinionated Woman

"Simply put, she's (Caity) like a best friend, who even when we haven't seen each other for a while, we can pick up where we left off, like we've never been apart." 

—Kelly, The Blossom Twins

Ireland is where strange tales begin
    and happy endings are possible.
          --Charles Haughey
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