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County Wicklow Ireland


In 2007, I had no idea that my first visit to Ireland would be a major turning point in my life. Thanks to that trip, I became a genealogist, located dozens of Irish rellies, bought a renovated 1887 schoolhouse in my Coffey ancestors’ town, wrote two fiction series set in Ireland along with a nonfiction genealogy research book. Being able to combine my passion for writing and genealogy is a dream come true.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland with my latest cozy mystery series, A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery. There’s sure to be plenty of shenanigans!


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County Wicklow Ireland
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My Latest News

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My first non-fiction magazine article was a cover story in the Utah Genealogical Association's quarterly publication, Crossroads!

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Book signing at Faire on the Green
Oshkosh, WI, July 2022

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Book signing at the
Wisconsin Highland Games
Waukesha, WI, September 3-4 2022

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A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery Series

Cozy Mysteries Ireland

Book One

Irish Mysteries

Book Two

"Mags and Biddy's
Excellent Adventure!"

—Suzan, BookBub

Mysteries in Ireland

Book Three

Cozy Mysteries Scotland

Book Four

Cozy Mysteries Ireland

Book Five

"Love, love, loved this book!
I wish I could give it 5k stars!"

—5 Stars, Becky on Amazon

Nonfiction Genealogy Research

Genealogy Research Tips

A gold mine of ancestral research information! 

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"Wherever you are in the world you NEED to read this book! I have never highlighted and book marked a book as much as this one!"
—5 Stars, Jennine, Amazon 

The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw Series

"Why run from your troubles when you can fly instead?" Caity Shaw

“All I can say is read this book. Buy it, borrow it from a friend, from the library - whatever you have to do! If you're having a bad day, this will cheer you up. If you're having a good day, this will be the cherry on top.” —5 Stars, Lady with a Quill

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Irish Chick Lit
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