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The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw
Book 6
Women's Fiction Ireland
When in Doubt Don't Chicken Out

What’s a girl to do with her unruly dog, a rogue chicken, and a foster bunny named Stew?

Caity Shaw is settling into her new life in Dublin. She is now juggling two event planner jobs, but she hopes the family clan gathering she is organizing will launch her genealogy business. Over the past year, Caity has transformed from an insecure victim of emotional abuse into a confident woman thanks largely to Declan, her Irish boyfriend.

When Declan moves from their Dublin flat to Killybog to care for the home of her Coffey family’s archenemy, Caity and Declan’s relationship takes a turn for the worse. Even her faithful companion Mac abandons her for life in the country. Caity goes to Killybog to try to mend their relationship, but she unexpectedly takes over the caretaker duties. Mischievous animals, the loss of electricity, and a mysterious man searching for an abandoned IRA hideout are just a few of the challenges she faces. When a popular soap opera films at her uncle’s home, Caity’s sister Rachel seizes the opportunity to get the English estate out of massive debt by organizing a slew of fan events while also planning a family wedding. Once again, Caity’s dream of becoming a genealogist is put on hold.

That is until she takes on a wealthy but unsavory genealogy client. As Caity tracks the family’s history, and the client disputes the nefarious findings, Caity finds herself in a real-life soap opera. Drama or not, she must prove to everyone, especially herself, that she isn’t meant to be an event planner for life.

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"I loved the light hearted

nature of all the books in this series. I am hopeful that there will be more coming!"

— BookBub Reviewer

"I love the characters, I love the story. I feel like I am a part of their lives."

— Amazon, Michelle

"There are couples of all ages in these stories. It is nice for love to bloom for everyone." 

— Amazon, Red Velvet

"I wish I could hire Caity to track down some of my 

Irish relatives!"

— Goodreads, Carlin

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