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Since my first visit to Ireland in 2007, I have researched hundreds of Irish and Scottish lines, including my maternal and paternal ones. In addition, I’ve done extensive research in Canada, England, and the United States, and have solved several unknown parentage cases. I'm pursuing certificates in genetic genealogy and Irish records at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. I write a genealogy column for my monthly author newsletter, and I’ve contributed articles to several prestigious genealogical publications, including Crossroads (Utah Genealogical Association) and The Septs (Irish Genealogical Society International). When I have the time, I enjoy conducting both author and ancestry presentations at cultural events. 


In 2013, I fulfilled my dream of owning a home in Ireland when my husband and I bought a renovated 1887 schoolhouse in my Coffey ancestors' townland. My nonfiction book, Genealogy Tips & Quips, includes fifty unique tips based on my personal research experiences and two case studies. The tips on this page are excerpts from the book and articles from my newsletter column. I hope you find them informational as well as inspirational. Perhaps one might help break down a brick wall!


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