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A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery
Book Four
Cozy Mystery Scotland
How to Spot a Murder Plot

Genealogist Mags Murray is off to a Scottish castle for her first Murray Clan reunion. Even though Mags recently discovered her dad is not her biological father and she doesn’t have Murray DNA in her blood, it’s in her soul. She and her dad share a special bond, and their trip to Scotland is sure to be a fun adventure.

That is, until the castle’s treasured Robin Hood arrow is stolen. Mags’s best friend Biddy McCarthy is eager to investigate, but Mags prefers a vacation from solving mysteries. When the arrow is found in the chest of a despicable cousin the entire family loathed, the Murrays refuse to cooperate with the authorities for fear of implicating a beloved relation. Mags plans to leave the investigating to the police—until her father becomes their prime suspect.

Can Mags identify the killer and prove her dad’s innocence before he’s arrested for murder?



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