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A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery
Book Five
Cozy Mystery Ireland
How to Trace a Cold Case

Mags Murray is still recovering from the shock of meeting her biological father. When he and his family invest in renovating a Scottish castle hotel, Mags offers to oversee the property’s cemetery restoration, hoping to find some common ground with her newfound relations. But if the castle’s business isn’t booming soon, the family will be out of funds and the medieval landmark might crumble to the ground.


When Mags and her best friend, Biddy McCarthy, appear on an episode of Rags to Riches Roadshow, they discover a buried skeleton at the filming location—the family home of the show’s appraiser. A media frenzy ensues. The appraiser agrees to film a future episode at the Scottish castle in exchange for Mags using her genealogical research skills to quickly determine the skeleton’s identity and put an end to the wild theories. Mags jumps at the opportunity for millions of viewers to learn about the castle!

Mags and Biddy’s investigation uncovers skeletons in the appraiser’s family closet—as well as many locals’. As a genealogist, Mags feels obligated to identify the deceased even if the truth might be best left buried.

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