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A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery
Book Two
Cozy Mystery Ireland
How to Snare a Dodgy Heir

After inheriting her grandmother’s cottage, Mags Murray moves from the States to rural Ireland to embark on a new life. Her odd seasonal jobs won’t pay for the needed repairs on her home, so Mags is determined to become a full-time genealogist, following in her grandmother’s footsteps. Her first step is organizing a DNA support group that encourages members to share research tips and provide moral support to frustrated family historians.

Mags soon lands her first client, but not the kind she’d expected. A group member, Aidan, hires Mags to find a stolen family heirloom—a valuable unpublished manuscript written by a famous Irish author. Shortly after hiring her, Aidan also turns up missing. His brother hires Mags and her sidekick, Biddy, to find both Aidan and the manuscript. He guarantees them a cut of the manuscript’s sale price. Rather than spending the money on an exotic trip as she would have in the past, Mags dreams of buying a shiny new riding lawn mower and a fuel tank.

Will uncovering a dark family secret and chasing down forgers, an ex-con, and other dodgy suspects be worth the money and risking their lives?

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