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A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery
Book Six
How to Pursue a DNA Clue final copy.jpg
How to Pursue a DNA Clue

Last Christmas genealogist Mags Murray organized her grandmother’s wake. This year she’ll be spending her holiday with her dad, and for the first time, her recently discovered biological father. To add to her stress, Mags offers to help her friend Gretta locate her grandson, who was adopted thirty-one years ago. Having uncovered her own paternity thanks to a DNA test, Mags is prepared for the surprises Gretta’s test may reveal. Or so she thinks.

Within twenty-four hours of Gretta receiving her DNA results, a police detective requests Gretta’s assistance in identifying her closest match, a wanted criminal. Devastated by the shocking news, Gretta refuses to disclose the match is her grandson. Mags soon suspects the police aren’t the only ones searching for the man. Fearing Gretta’s grandson might be in danger, Mags and her best friend, Biddy McCarthy, attempt to track him down so they can warn him and hopefully prove his innocence.   

Over the past year, Mags and Biddy have encountered a forger, kidnapper, murderer, and other dodgy characters. Who knows what they are up against now!

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