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A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery
Book Three
Cozy Mystery Ireland
How to Handle an Ancestry Scandal

Mags Murray’s genealogy career has taken off. She’s making great strides with the repairs on her late-grandmother’s quaint Irish cottage, the historical Ballycaffey National School. She’s overcoming her fear of sheep. And she and childhood friend Biddy McCarthy are enjoying a few harmless shenanigans. Life is grand.

That is, until Mags holds a school reunion in her grandmother’s memory and a family heirloom, a gold locket, is stolen. Mags soon discovers the thief when she stumbles across his dead body on her family’s cemetery plot—the man had been burying a velvet pouch containing cremains and Mags’s stolen locket. Eeewww. While seeking the identity of both deceased persons, Mags and Biddy uncover family secrets that may be best left hidden.

However, Mags’s grandmother had believed that everyone deserved to know the truth about their family history. So why hadn’t she told Mags about hers?

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