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A Mags and Biddy Genealogy Mystery
Book One
Irish Cozy Mystery Series
How to Fake an Irish Wake

It’s been a rough year for 26-year-old Mags Murray. First she learns that her dad isn’t her biological father, a secret her mother took to her grave three years earlier. Then her beloved Irish grandmother passes away at Christmas while Mags is visiting her from the States. Now Mags must host her grandmother’s wake and sell her cottage. A cottage filled with cherished memories. A cottage Mags inherited but her odd jobs won’t enable her to keep.

Shortly after the funeral, a young man, Finn O’Brien, arrives at the cottage with an old photograph. Finn believes the boys in the photo are a clue to his father’s identity. Mags can sympathize with him, and because she often helped her genealogist grandmother uncover skeletons in people’s closets, including herself, she agrees to assist Finn.

But searching for Finn’s father stirs up trouble. Finn is in a near-fatal car crash that wasn’t an accident. So Mags and her childhood friend Biddy McCarthy investigate why someone wants to prevent Finn from finding his father. Questioning the quirky locals proves a wee bit difficult as several of the suspects were victims of Mags and Biddy’s childhood shenanigans.

It might take a fake Irish wake to reveal Finn’s father and the would-be murderer.

But what if the two turn out to be the same person?

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"Love, love, LOVED this book! I wish I could give it 5k stars!"

— Amazon, Becky

"Mags and Biddy's

Excellent Adventure!"

— Amazon, Suzan

"The story paints a lovely picture of Irish lifestyle and sucks you into a world that I’m looking forward to read more about."

— BookBub, Anne

“The story was delightful, humorous, and full of love.

I look forward to more in this cozy mystery series.”

— Goodreads, Carlin

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